Current Issues

Charing Square Planning Proposal

The  “Charing Square” Planning proposal, submitted by the owners of the Robin Hood Hotel, now before Waverley Council aims to increase heights in the Charing Cross Conservation Village from 9 metres maximum to up to 13.5 metres with more than a double the allowable limit for Floor Space Ratio.

This includes all the Properties from the Robin Hood Hotel down to QE on Bronte road and along Carrington Road at the rear. Not all owners are supporting this Proposal and therefore the so called benefit of a Public Square and alleyway connecting Bronte Road and Carrington Road cannot be achieved.

Raising heights and FSR will have an eventual domino effect down the street, and destroy one of the last remaining low rise Villages in the Eastern Suburbs

We call on Waverley Council to reject this application and maintain the current LEP and DCP controls for Charing Cross which already provide sustainable development potential.