Activate our local villages

What’s happening

Investing in and improving our local villages is essential to building vibrant, liveable communities.

Council has a role to play in ensuring our local shopping districts are attractive and well maintained. However limited resources and competing priorities often prevent meaningful action.

More needs to be done to fund projects that will ensure our local villages continue to survive and thrive.

Why we care

We all want improved liveability in our local areas.

Investing in our local villages means residents can walk to their local shopping district to access retail, lifestyle and essential social services.

This not only improves quality of life but also reduces traffic and congestion by minimising the amount of time we spend in cars.

What we’re doing

Waverley Action Group are encouraging a whole of community approach to support and fund beautification and economic activation strategies in our local villages.

We’re working with Waverley Council and liaising with the local business to better understand their needs.

We’ve met with Waverley Council’s Economic Development team to discuss means of measuring economic activity in the area and how best to work with residents and the local businesses to secure funding for improvement projects.

We’re planning to survey local commercial enterprises to better identify their business drivers.

Additionally, we’re currently applying for grants to commence a suite of improvement projects in the area.