About us

Waverley Action Group is a resident-led, not-for-profit organisation that advocates for a vibrant, liveable municipality for all.

Our mission is to work with residents, local businesses, council and developers to deliver outcomes that benefit the whole community.

Our story

Waverley Action Group was formed in 2018 in response to local residents’ and business owners’ concerns about the lack of investment and potential loss of heritage items in the Charing Cross Urban Conservation Area. 

The ongoing threat of inappropriate high rise developments, spot rezoning proposals and developments that breach Waverley’s planning control laws provided further impetus to form an association.

Our values

  • Heritage, environment and community
  • Transparent decision making
  • Sustainable building practices 
  • Excellence in urban design

Our purpose

  • Foster community-led, collaborative and transparent decision making
  • Empower and support residents to engage in decision-making processes that impact planning and development in their local community
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement events
  • Ensure access to vibrant public spaces that connect our community

Our aspirations

  • Ensure Waverley’s Local Environment Plan is complied with
  • Stop developers breaching current planning controls
  • Preserve and invest in our cultural heritage
  • Improve liveability