Our values

Heritage, environment and community

We want to enhance our communities.

To fully realise our collective potential we need to respect and appreciate both our built and natural environments. This means conserving and protecting our precious natural resources and celebrating our culture and heritage. Waverley Action Group wants to preserve our historic buildings, enhance our village precincts and protect our natural assets.


We want to create places that are highly liveable.

In simple terms liveability refers to the factors that impact the quality of where we live and our “place”. It includes things like access to services, housing, jobs, transport as well as our social infrastructure, cultural and entertainment experiences, connectivity and the state of our natural assets.

Transparent decision making

We want to build trust.

Poor decision making based on opinion rather than facts can have negative and long lasting impacts on our communities. Local communities should insist that decision making be open to scrutiny and underpinned by expert advice. Waverley Action Group seeks to build trust in local democratic processes and achieve sound governance.

Excellence in urban design

We want to create a beautifully built and sustainable environment.

Everyone in Sydney knows that there are just too many examples of poor urban design and planning that have delivered poor amenity and created dislocated communities. These are the unfortunate legacies of weak planning procedures, thoughtless developments and poorly understood urban design practices.