Preserve Charing Cross Urban Conservation Area

What’s happening

Charing Cross is the best example of an historic village shopping centre in the Waverley Council area.

It’s currently listed as an Urban Conservation Area.

However the community is at risk of losing this important asset with the continued threat of excessive development, poorly enforced planning laws and inadequate maintenance.

Why we care

In the 19th century, Charing Cross was envisaged to become the central focus of the Waverley district, a fact that is reflected in its historic architecture.

Other shopping precincts, like that in Bondi Road, do not have equivalent cohesive character. This makes Charing Cross an important historical asset for the whole community.

What we’re doing

Waverley Action Group met with Waverley Council’s General Manager and the Director of Planning to discuss our vision for Charing Cross village.

We have submitted a proposal, which was developed in consultation with local resident Howard Tanner – former Chairman of the Heritage Council of NSW and former National President of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Waverley Action Group has also:

  • contributed to Waverley’s Architecture Mapping Exercise
  • participated in the Charing Cross Village Strategy consultation forum

We will continue to seek improved maintenance and beautification strategies in Charing Cross, whilst advocating for Charing Cross’ inherent historical value in the face of excessive development.